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Ian and Tweeters,

Though I appreciate the search effort, the link that Ian gave is by Justor
and can't be accessed so easily. It is the same paper by ANDREW B. CAREY
AND JANET E. KERSHNER from 1996 that I provided a link to in my first post,
but that link I gave is immediately accessable without a fee or
registration. It provides trapping results for western Washington and
western Oregon and some of the habitats where the Western Spotted Skunks
were found in. It indicates that in western Washington the Olympic
Peninsula had the most animals trapped. I'd have to read it again for much
more detail, but it seems that few now occur south and east of the Puget
Sound in the lowlands. I don't know how common they would have been in this
area historically. If anyone knows this I would be interested in that also.
Here is the link to that article again:

I have had 1 person respond off the list that he had a relatively recent
sighting for a spotted skunk whose foot was caught in a rat trap on the
Olympic Peninsula at Port Ludlow. There was also a recollection relayed to
me off list of an article from the 1980's about a spotted skunk that
apparently showed up at the Seattle Center, though I don't know how reliable
this report would have been. More reports will be welcome.

-Stewart Wechsler

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