[Tweeters] RE: More Peregrines in Maple Leaf

Matt Mega mattm at seattleaudubon.org
Thu Apr 3 10:51:30 PDT 2008

Hello distinguished Tweeter members-

Thought I would try to be a little formal as I enter into my first
posting on Tweeters. No longer a lurker.

While walking my dog this morning on 12th near the Maple Leaf water
tower I saw two large fast flying birds coming from the Maple Leaf
reservoir right at me. I did not think too much, maybe gulls, but then
the Peregrine story from the other day crept into my head. They are too
fast...and before I knew it two Peregrines at full speed went right over
my head. I am not, yet, qualified enough to know whether they were
adults or juveniles, but it was a pretty cool sight and certainly made
my morning. They we vocalizing the whole way and flying close to top
speed I am sure. About 3 minutes later a solitary Peregrine came back
and headed toward the water tower. It appears to my amateur eye and ears
we may be having some Peregrines as neighbors in Maple Leaf for the
season at least.

Also, on my bike ride to work I heard a Varied Thrush. All and all a
good morning for not even trying.

Matt Mega

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