[Tweeters] 6 Bald Eagles at the South End of Discovery Park

Julia N Allen DrJNA at comcast.net
Wed Apr 9 14:05:11 PDT 2008

Today as I walked my dogs I saw more than the usual Bald Eagles at
the south end of Discovery Park.

First dog - 3 adult Bald Eagles screeching with aerial interactions
just over the tree-tops at W Emerson and the 39th Street Pedestrian

Second dog - 1 adult Bald Eagle flew right out the gate of the
Maintenance Yard, about 15 yards in front of me and about 10 feet off
the ground. A Coopers Hawk was right on its tail in hot pursuit as
they went between the trees headed north towards the Visitors Center.

Third dog - 1 juvenile Bald Eagle (white head, but tail not
completely white) flying at tree-top height over the grassy field
just east of the South Parking Lot Overflow Area, and a second Bald
Eagle perched in a tree just above the Bulletin Board in the South
Parking Lot - white head and tail, but very ratty looking.

Julia N Allen
Magnolia, Seattle
DrJNA at comcast.net

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