[Tweeters] snofalls peregrine update or living in the wreckage of the future

dave templeton crazydave65 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 16 17:41:15 PDT 2008

hi all:

the peregrines are still on the nest/scrape up at snoqualmie falls. but, it
looks like times is tough. the male seems to be having a hard time finding
lunch. today the falcon left the nest untended a couple times for a few
minutes, seemingly to see where the tiercel was. he finally made a high
flyby at about 12:15 and she went up to meet him. he didn't have anything
and she reluctantly returned to the nest. greg thompson had been there most
of the morning and not seen any food change hands/feet. he got a couple
nice pictures of her on her back in midair reaching for food that wasn't
there. following that there was much discussion amongst the watchers of la
nina, poor weather, low food supplies and who knows what all else that might
lead to nest failure. i recall the male had a bad eye for awhile last year
and wasn't all that successful in finding victuals at about this time in the
incubation process. i presume all will work out well, but in the meantime
i'm anticipating all sorts of disasters. probably the birds don't care.

one good thing was a chance to look into the nest/scrape when mom boiled out
of it seeking succor. there are certainly at least four eggs. it's
remotely possible there is a fifth, but i doubt that.

praying for stupid robins and rock pigeons to flood the area of the falls, i

dave tee
fall city
crazydave 65 at gmaildaughtcom

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