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This morning the same birds are at my feeder, plus many more blackbirds, a different female Cassin's Finch, Ruby-crowned Kinglets, both Myrtle and Audubon's YR Warblers, a Brown-headed Cowbird, robins, doves, crows and unfortunately fox squirrels and a cat.

Yesterday I accompanied a small group from Florida and Oregon to find ground squirrels and other mammals around Columbia NWR. If anyone is interested in seeing Washington ground squirrels (state and federal candidate species) I recommend the Sage Hill golf course along SR 17 near Warden. Very easy to see lots of squirrels along the frontage road leading to the club house and RV area, and in 10 minutes we had a Prairie Falcon at close range make two attempts on squirrels. Other birds included Eurasian Collared-Doves at Warden Lake along SR 262, 64 G White-fronted Geese and still 21 Sandhill Cranes in Marsh Unit 1(unfortunately we watch two people walk in and fish illegally which scared the cranes out), Burrowing Owls at both Sutton Road and Lemaster Road locations, Chukars calling near Corfu and along Lower Crab Creek Road, a Loggerhead Shrike along LCCR, several Swainson's Hawks including where they nest at the Corfu woods, Greater and Lesser Yellowlegs plus abundant stilts and avocets at the County Line ponds, Common Loons at Soda Lake and Potholes Reservoir, a Western Kingbird and Say's Phoebes at the CNWR shop. Tricolored Blackbirds are harder to find and Sandhill Cranes are leaving but still around.

Randy Hill
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At feeder so far this morning:
frozen water (28 degrees) but no snow
20+ House Finch
1 female Cassin's Finch
1 Song Sparrow (arrived yesterday
1 Lincoln's Sparrow (arrived last week)
40+ American Goldfinch
20+ White-crowned Sparrow
1 Red-winged Blackbird

It looks like a good day to get out and find some new arrivals.

Randy Hill

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