[Tweeters] Birds in the News 127 -- Earth Day Edition, plus more (links)

Devorah Bennu birdologist at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 21 11:47:48 PDT 2008

Hello Tweeties,

This week's issue of Birds in the News is now available for you to enjoy. This issue features an image provided by a reader to share with all of you;


I also include a link to a poem that a reader shared -- inspired by the lovely image of a male mountain bluebird sent in by Eva Gerdts -- in honor of National Poetry Month;


Last, but not least, did you know that Kenn Kaufman has just published another book? Well he did, just in time for mother's day, and I reviewed it here;


I hope you are enjoying the weather in your part of the country as much as I am enjoying it here!

Roosting high up a tree somewhere in Central Park, NYC

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