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J. Harry Krueger hkrueger at cableone.net
Fri Apr 25 17:13:08 PDT 2008

I am forwarding this post, originally sent to the Idaho boards, from Stacy
Peterson, one of the NW's top hummingbird enthusiasts, banders, and
experts. Stacy now lives near Anchorage, AK but continues on with his
banding activities such as this one here "in the south." He is my fellow
co-founder and webmaster of www.IdahoBirds.net <http://www.idahobirds.net/>.

Stacy has hosted birders (and their families and friends) from many
surrounding states for a number of year now. If you're looking for a grat
area to bird (I or Stacy would be happy to give you any information you may
need about species, places, etc.), plus wanting to have a great "up close"
experience with hummingbirds of at least three different species (including
Broad-tailed Hummingbird for you "coastal, non-mountain types"), join us in
near-eastern Idaho this Memorial Day weekend. Camas NWR is not too far
away, providing some of the best potential vagrant trap birding in the
interior West at the end of May.

J. Harry Krueger
Boise, ID
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Subject: [IBLE] Hummingbird banding in SE Idaho, Memorial Day Weekend...
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HI Idaho birders,

Our 6th annual hummingbird banding trip to the Rudeen Ranch south of
American Falls will take place the SUNDAY and MONDAY of Memorial Day Weekend
(May 25 & 26, 2008), as it has since 2003. And as they have since then, the
Rudeens graciously open up their ranch to the public on those two days and
everyone has a good time.

We'll see a zillion Calliopes, with quite a few Broad-taileds and
Black-chinneds thrown in for good measure. Last year during the 2-day
session our team of licensed banders captured 636 hummingbirds, including
233 birds banded during previous years, and one potential hybrid (Calliope x
Black-chinned). The year before we banded 2 potential Calliope x
Broad-tailed hybrids. We REALLY want to see some of those birds back...!
More data here:


The Rudeen Ranch is a fascinating place. Not only will you have the
opportunity to see literally swarms of hummingbirds, you can also enjoy some
fine general birding in the area. You may even see a moose... We'll start
around 8 AM on Sunday, 25 May. We usually band all day with a short break
for lunch. On Monday we'll start around 8 AM, and usually quit around noon.

This event is free of charge. To help cover travel costs, we do accept
donations and have several items to sell (Hummingbird DVDs, pictures of
hummingbirds, and perhaps even some Alaska photographs). The Rudeens would
also certainly appreciate a few pounds of sugar! But if all you bring is
your smile, that's fine with us. We have a great time and enjoy sharing our
love of birds with you. You will probably kick yourself if you leave your
camera at home, so don't forget that. And a picnic lunch can be helpful,

Well-behaved kids are encouraged to attend (they've often got the biggest
smiles, and we get a real kick out of that!), but consider leaving your
4-legged pets at home (or at least in your car). The Rudeen's have
well-trained dogs there already, as well as horses. Other animals can cause
unnecessary disruptions.

WARNING: The weather can be interesting. If it rains, the dirt road in can
be very muddy. Normally, two-wheeled drives can make it with absolutely no
problem. But... It has SNOWED on us in past years, too. Fortunately the
birds have been amazing no matter the weather. But definitely dress in
layers and prepare for cold weather.

Drop me a line if you have any questions, including "how do I get there."

See you there!

--Stacy Jon Peterson
20252 Lucas Ave
Eagle River, AK 99577
SJPeterson at aol.com
Alaska Wildlife Photos: www.alaskafocus.net
Hummingbird Research: www.trochilids.com

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