[Tweeters] Western Kingbird at Point Wilson

Bob Whitney rlw at cablespeed.com
Sun Apr 27 14:45:50 PDT 2008

In the shrubs east of the north parking lot near the lighthouse, I saw a
single Western Kingbird Sunday morning. The kingbird flew around the area
catching insects landed and continued to hunt insects for 20 minutes or so.
This is a first for me at Point Wilson. There is a lot going on at Point
Wilson right now. Today there must have been 100+ Yellow-rumpted Warblers
moving through in flocks of 15 to 30 birds at a time. With lesser numbers of
Orange-crowned Warblers, maybe 40 to 60 birds total, all moving north. The
morning had calm winds, a good time for them to cross Admiralty Inlet. I got
some images of the kingbird, not the quality of what I usually post on my
site but okay for ID. I will take them off in a few days. If you want to see
go to the flickr site below.

Bob Whitney

Port Townsend, WA

mailto:rlw at cablespeed.com


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