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Brian and Tweeters,

For the benefit of those of you who may not know, Whatcom County has its own
birding E-mail group, WHATCOM BIRDS, which is quite active (53 messages in
the last week). The email address is whatcombirds at lists.wwu.edu. To join, I
believe you have to make a request to the administrator, Dr. John Bower of
Western Washington Univ. (jbower at cc.wwu.edu ).

Many Whatcom County birders prefer to post their sightings exclusively on
WHATCOM BIRDS, but others post their sightings to TWEETERS as well. I bird
Whatcom County almost every week (although I live just outside its
boundaries), and usually post my sightings to TWEETERS as well. However,
I've been a bit negligent in posting sightings recently because it's been a
very busy month.

Anyone who wants to meet Whatcom County birders (and there are lots of
them!) should also consider joining the North Cascades Audubon Society,
based in Bellingham.

Wayne C. Weber
Delta, BC
contopusa at telus.net

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Is Whatcom County the "Lost Soul" of birding? New to the area and have
found it very difficult to locate local birders. Never see references to
locations in the County here on Tweeters. Recently attended a birding class
at Whatcom County Community College...there were 7 participants six of whom
were "backyard observers". Where are all the birders in the
Bellingham/Ferndale/Blaine/Lynden/etc. areas?


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