[Tweeters] Wood ducks are gathering at my pond

Bob Kothenbeutel viper.bob at verizon.net
Fri Aug 22 21:41:09 PDT 2008

This morning I had 36 wood ducks come to my pond for the feed I put out.
There were 9 hens and 27 drakes. All of the drakes were either juveniles or
adults in eclipse plumage. The numbers are building each day. Last September
I had 110 show up one morning. It will be quite a site toward the end of
September when most of the drakes will be in full color.

There were also 4 of my resident black ducks present and of course scads of
mallards which I try do discourage because they eat so much feed and are
such bullies.

Bob Kothenbeutel


viper dot bob at verizon dot net

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