[Tweeters] Thoughts stimulated by the beauty of birds

Roger Chapanis rchapanis.fun at gmail.com
Tue Aug 5 11:52:14 PDT 2008

'Thought you might enjoy this. I'm not a poet, but I felt inspired to write
it after seeing some pictures of birds.

See a bird
Soothing in shape
Vibrant in color
Sweet in sound

Your eyes close gently, naturally
You take a breath--then another and another...
Your breathing slows
Your heart grows quieter
Your mind floats free of care, of thought, of feeling,

Without your knowing,
the beauty of nature has touched you--
eliciting a natural grace
eliciting a natural peace
eliciting a natural comfort
within you

With growing consciousness, you see anew
With awe
With respect,
With understanding and compassion

You see all living things
free to feed
free to frolic
free to raise a family
free to grow old
free to die gracefully

You are one with the universe
Roger Chapanis
Sammamish, WA
rchapanis dot fun at gmail.com

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