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Hi Diann and Tweeters:
I was just laughing at a local crow family today. One of them brought in a piece of
food, and all four of them gathered loudly crowing. One was an obvious juvenile,
doing its wings down quivering begging bit. But it sure looked and sounded like an
adult. The big baby.
Can anyone beat the story told by Faye McAdams Hands to Tweets on Jan 17, 2006? She
told about a winter crow seen by her and Diane Y-Q up in Pt. Townsend. Apparently it
was a non-jaywalking crow. It waited for a stoplight at an intersection. When the
light changed, the crow stepped off the curb, and walked across the street in the
crosswalk. I am still laughing about that.
Yours, Carol Schulz
Des Moines, WA
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Hi, Tweets

I am back to writing about crows, summer crows, to be exact. So . . .
if anyone has any summer corvid antics or items of interest to
report, I'd love to hear them.

Turkey vulture report for July coming soon.

Cheers, Diann

Diann MacRae
Olympic Vulture Study

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