[Tweeters] Western Screech Owl calls [Neil Zimmerman]

J. Acker owler at sounddsl.com
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I associate the bark call with danger, or an alarm. When I had nesting
WESOs (Western Screech Owl) years ago, I used to sleep with the window open.
On one occasion I was awakened to bark calls, and when I went outside, I was
nearly run over by a raccoon. On another occasion, when there were recently
fledged WESOs, I heard the "whoooah" call of a barred owl when I stepped
outside and the next morning I found juvenile WESO feathers in the driveway.

J. Acker

Bainbridge Island, WA

Owler at sounddsl.com

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Hello Tweeters,

I live in Brier, WA (north end of Lake Washington in Seattle) where we
have been lucky to have W. Screech Owls in our neighborhood for the last
several years. Normally we hear them calling in the spring or later in the
fall. But this week, on Mon. and Tues. they were calling from our backyard.
We heard the typical whinny but also they made a "barking" call. My books
and tapes say they make that call but I'm wondering why. Is this a contact
call between adults or a begging call made by a juvenile? Or maybe an alarm
call? I am sure someone out in Tweeterland will have the answer or a
educated guess. Please reply on Tweeters or to me privately. Thanks in

Neil Zimmerman

Brier, WA

n3zims at comcast.net

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