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Mark Vernon ma_vern at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 8 14:44:20 PDT 2008

I have several requests to post about birding while using public transportation. It is one of my hobbies! It can be a fun challenge, and lets you see some things up close and personal that you might not see driving. Then again some people look at me like I am crazy when I tell them about some of my trips!!!
Today I am writing about birding in Edmonds. I had today off, and that can help if you are birding by bus. I took the 301 route going north out of Seattle, I caught it in the Bus Tunnel at 7 am. This is a peak rush hour express bus. I went all the way to the Aurora Village transit Center. This is a quick route going north on I-5 with limited stops. From here I transferred to the Snohomish County bus route 131 to Edmonds. I buy a Metro Pass, and it is good in King, Pierce, Snohomish Counties and also Sound Transit and Everett Transit.
Edmonds is perfect to visit by bus. The 131 route goes down to the waterfront. From here it is easy to walk over to the Edmonds Marsh, where I started today. The marsh was very active with shorebirds, mostly Least Sandpipers and Killdeers. Purple Martins were perched on Telephone Poles. I then walked along the waterfront. First I walked south along the marina to as far as the dog park. I counted over 80 Heermann's Gulls out on the jetty. Then I walked back north to the fishing pier. Here I saw a mixed group of Gulls and Rhinoceros Auklets engaged in a feeding frenzy. Continuing north beyond the Ferry Terminal I found a large flock of California Gulls. When the tide is low I like to go as far as Shell Creek where there is always a congregation of Gulls and other interesting birds. Today it was a high tide.
I ended my trip by going over to the "Taste of Edmonds", now going on. I ate jambalaya and had a nice glass of wine. Returning to Seattle was not quite as fast because the 301 route does not run in the middle of the day. Instead I had to take the 358 which is kind of an overcrowded slogfest going south on 99!!! These trips are always an adventure.

Mark Vernon
Renton, WA
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