[Tweeters] White-winged Scoters Yakima County

Jeff Kozma jcr_5105 at charter.net
Fri Aug 15 18:14:16 PDT 2008

I was birding Wenas Lake this afternoon to see what shorebirds were around and my field technician and I found 2 drake WHITE-WINGED SCOTERS on the lake. We were unsure of the ID at first since neither of us had spotting scopes, only binoculars. But, we drove along the main road so we could see down on the birds and while they were preening, we saw the white speculum patches. I think this is a pretty significant find for Yakima County given the date so wanted to post on tweeters in case birders don't get BIRDYAK messages.

Jeff Kozma


jcr underscore 5105 at charter dot net.

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