[Tweeters] Seabirds & Windpower

Mike and MerryLynn m.denny at charter.net
Sun Aug 17 09:34:05 PDT 2008

Hello Richard,
I agree with you 100%! After working on bird and bat issues connected to industrial wind farms here in southeastern Washington and northeastern Oregon for ten years I too have come to the same conclusion that we are in a head long plunge, a gold rush with the wind industry paid biologists providing all of the " field data" that State and Federal wildlife agencies are steering by. I sat on 6 TAC committees for six different wind farms in this region representing Audubon. What I am observing now are foreign investor driven power companies building wind farms just for the Federal Tax shelters and credits. Many are being placed on poor sites (class 3 or less wind resource) with 18%-20% efficacy at best. Yet State and Federal wildlife folks remain politically unconcerned about long term cumulative impacts to migrant bird and bat populations. Only one wind farm in the Pacific Northwest has even done any nocturnal migration work. The wind industry wants 6000mw along the Columbia River in the next ten years. There is currently 1300mw. I have asked industry reps and boosters how many dead birds and bats are too many for them and have yet to get a reply. Thanks for your post.

Mike Denny
Conservation Chair
Blue Mountain Audubon
Walla Walla, Washington

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