[Tweeters] RE: Late Hummer

Chris Caviezel bird-guy at wildlifeonly.com
Wed Aug 27 13:48:19 PDT 2008

Tracy & Bob-

Up here at Snoqualmie Pass, I am still going through 10-15 ounces of nectar
a day (peaked at 265 ounces a day in May, in part because of snow).

A lot of our flowers bloomed very late. We still have Indian Paint Brush,
Fire Weed, Fox Glove, to name a few in bloom. I think this has contributed
to the hummers sticking around possibly and then when it has rained (such as
today) my feeder get busier than normal.

I expect it to drop again, but then who knows, before I have seen a hummer
in late September after not seeing any for 3-4 weeks.


Chris Caviezel





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