[Tweeters] Bus and Birds: Lincoln Park, West Seattle

Mark Vernon ma_vern at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 28 13:35:57 PDT 2008

My "Bus and Birds" expedition today was to Lincoln Park in West Seattle. This is another one that I have done a lot and try to keep in my monthly routine. I used to live near the California Ave Junction and would simply walk down.
I came from downtown Seattle on the Metro route #54. This bus actually has a stop or two at the park itself. I like to have my coffee so I got off at the Morgan Street Junction. It is not very far walking from here to the park. I walked west on Fauntleroy Way SW and then zigzagged first on Frontenac St SW, then 47th Ave SW and lastly Lincoln Park Way SW. Lincoln Park Way SW actually goes down to the waterfront.
I like to start my Lincoln Park walk at Lowman's Beach Park, a very small park just north of Lincoln Park. There was a very low tide today! This is a good gull beach and there were Caspian Terns and California Gulls besides the Glaucous-winged Gulls. Two peeps flew by me, they were very pale or white, I think Sanderlings? I had to look under some rocks to do some fishwatching and found some Northern Clingfish.
Next I walked south to Lincoln Park. I like to do a big zigzag. I walk along the waterfront to Coleman Pool and then take the trail up the hill. I walked north along the hillside and then turn back south along the playfield and into the forest. I have had good luck with owls here in the recent past but none today. Usually I cheat and let the Crows and Jays tell me where they are. Today's highlights were a Wilson's Warbler, lots of Red-breasted Nuthatches and an overflight of an Osprey. I got a brief glimpse of a small pale Flycatcher skuling in the bushes.
On my way out I walked south on Fauntleroy Way SW towards the Fauntleroy Ferry Terminal. On the eastside of the Street is a tiny park that has a viewing platform for Fauntleroy Creek, a place to watch for returning salmon. Nearby is the stop I used to catch a #54 returning to Seattle.
In the past I have done many additions to this walk. I have walked east over to Fauntleroy Park. I have walked north all the way to Alki, a long walk. If I am feeling lazy I take one of the buses back to the California Junction and either walk north or take a bus to the Admiral District of West Seattle, the north part. From here I go down to Alki or walk down gulley to the Duwamish Head.
Mark Vernon
Renton, WA
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