[Tweeters] August 29: Juanita Bay Park

Themartins themartins at tndmartin.com
Sat Aug 30 07:16:49 PDT 2008

My wife and I took two grandchildren, equipped with small but nice
binoculars, to Juanita Bay Park yesterday; it was our first visit to the
park. The grandchildren are six and eight. The eight-year-old is very good
with the binos and has several birds on his list. Anyway, I was hoping to
see a sora that several folks mentioned on the list recently, but no such
luck. However, we did have a good time and saw several lovely birds, and
some frogs and turtles to the delight of the grandchildren. I hate to admit
it, but the pileated woodpecker was a lifer for all of us. I heard the call,
and I knew it was going to be good; seeing the bird was an exciting moment:

Double-crested cormorant

Great blue heron

Green heron - best ever looks

American coot

Belted kingfisher

Northern flicker

Pileated woodpecker = lifer

Barn swallow

Cedar waxwing


Black-capped chickadee

House finch

Dick Martin

Wenatchee Valley

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