[Tweeters] Swainson's Hawk - More Photos

Scott Carpenter slcarpenter at gmail.com
Tue Dec 2 00:13:17 PST 2008

I put 11 photos I took on Monday of the SWAINSON'S HAWK online at:

Due to the low light and slight rain this afternoon, the photos are grainier
and blurrier than I was hoping for, but my goal with the photos is to
showcase the bird from various angles -- the primary projection, undertail,
uppertail, underwing, upperwing, throat, etc. The hawk caught two rodents
while I was there, so it also has quite a crop in some of the photos.

The signs in this area indicate that bow hunting is allowed (I heard several
pheasants while there), but that rifles and pistols are not allowed. I did
see one man walking around in blaze orange. I also saw several shotgun
shells. I have very little experience with this location, but if you do
plan to walk around, blaze orange might be a good idea.

Scott Carpenter
Portland, Oregon

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