[Tweeters] Othello OWL

Randy Hill hill at smwireless.net
Sat Dec 6 19:08:09 PST 2008

Good thing I spent a little extra quality time with my daughter after the
WOS meeting in Ellensburg today. That would be shopping. Well, it got me
home later than I would have otherwise. When I got a load out of the car I
had to rush inside, grab Elaine, and return to the driveway so she also
could hear the WESTERN SCREECH OWL calling across the street. Never had one
in Othello in my 18+ years here, and it was my first in Adams County,
although Washtucna has hosted a bird or two in the past. I plan to get out
tomorrow evening to listen again if it isn't raining or snowing.

So how migratory are screech owls? We had N Saw-whet Owls nest on Columbia
NWR back in 1997, but they are regular migrants to the Columbia Basin.

Randy Hill


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