[Tweeters] mystery birds, National Geo nature photography winners (links)

Devorah Bennu birdologist at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 12 08:59:13 PST 2008

Hello Tweeties,

the most recently demystified mystery bird, kindly donated by photographer, Marv Breece, was a male Spotted Towhee, Pipilo maculatus;


I had mentioned this bird was "tricky in an unexpected way" because of the official change to the bird's common name, but you all were too good because you all worked it out together (see reader comments). Be sure to check back read Rick's analysis for identifying this species.

Today's mystery (very beautiful) bird, courtesy of Joseph Kennedy, can be viewed here;


I am interested to know if I compiled these mystery bird images and the written analyses and possibly some of the more insightful reader comments into a book(let), would you be interested to purchase it? I have some ideas I am working on for how to do this, but would appreciate (1) your ideas and (2) information about the legal aspects involved (I realize that all the photographers and writers would need to sign a release at the very least [and I would never work on a book(let) project without notifying all of them first!], but perhaps there are other aspects about this project that I need to become aware of? [likely!]). Just asking ..

Last but not least, I would like to draw your attention to some gorgeous nature images donated by National Geographic magazine. They recently announced the winners for their international photography contest and the senior editor kindly gave me permission to republish the images. I am using a few of these as my daily "Image of the Day" which pops up at 1500 ET, so I hope you check in to see those;



Roosting high up a tree somewhere in Central Park, NYC

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