[Tweeters] Anna's Hummer

Diane Bagüés dbagues at earthlink.net
Wed Dec 17 00:13:49 PST 2008

Since Sunday, a male Anna's has been spending a lot of time perched on a
feeder. It leaves for brief periods but soon returns. He's going
elsewhere at night. So far this has been happening for 3 days.

My sense is maybe it's sick, and is spending time at a source of food it
doesn't need to expend any energy to obtain. If so, what is his prognosis.

This is happening in the SF/Oakland Bay Area, so it's not getting any colder
than 40 at night, and reaching at least 50 by day.

I would welcome any insight into what is going on with this little guy.

Diane Bagues
San Leandro, California

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