[Tweeters] Columbia Estuary CBC - final results

Mike Patterson celata at pacifier.com
Wed Dec 17 12:17:59 PST 2008

This was the 30th anniversary of the Columbia Estuary Count, my 21st
year as a participant and 19th as compiler.

The day started with temperatures in the upper 30's and rain showers,
wind from the west at less than 10kts. The degree to which this
remained true depended greatly on where, in the count circle, one spent
the day, however.

It was actually quite pleasant in Warrenton. I spent most of the
morning on foot, walking the dikes. Two of the first birds of the day

By noon, the wind had come around to the east. Conditions out on the
North Jetty were pretty icky. Ilwaco and the Chinook Valley were in
on-again, off-again white-out conditions.

Almost everyone, more or less independently, chose to quit by about
14:00. By dark, there was ice everywhere. Weather continued to be
vexing through the end of the count week making post-count checks

We managed a much lower than average 109 species, plus 5 count week
species. The most notable was a count week BLACK-THROATED GRAY WARBLER
reported with TOWNSEND'S WARBLERS from Alderbrook. Details are still
lacking, so it may not pass muster with the Regional Editor (we all know
what a hard-ass he is).

The misses were more notable than the finds: no Horned or Red-necked
Grebes, no yellowlegs or Black-bellied Plover, only a single hoot from a
count week pygmy owl and no other owls.
Mike Patterson
Astoria, OR

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