[Tweeters] re: Anna's in summer

Dianna Moore dlmoor2 at coastaccess.com
Wed Dec 17 22:09:23 PST 2008

My resident Anna's out here in Ocean Shores are pretty much driven off by
the Rufous Hummers. I usually have three stations set up in various spots
out of line-of-sight of one another, and I sometimes see an Anna's try to
sneak in on one. They seldom succeed. My mother (Ada Davis) was fond of
saying "dynamite comes in small packages", and that describes a Rufous
hummer to a tee.

Fortunately I have a large selection of flowering plants, native and
non-native, so there is enough for all.

Dianna Moore

Ocean Shores, Wa.

dlmoor2 at coastaccess.com

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