[Tweeters] Hummingbirds -- Nektar Plus Warning

Tom Luhnow TomLuhnow at zipcon.net
Sun Dec 21 14:50:48 PST 2008

Nektar-Plus Warning

Nektar-Plus is an excellent hummingbird nectar dietary supplement. It is
made in Germany and used in commercial aviaries and zoos around the world
because of its balanced nutrition and appropriate amount of protein.

* It is NOT suitable for outdoor hummingbird feeders, ever.
* Wild hummingbirds do just fine catching their own bugs and do not
need to learn dependency on a feeder.
* It is really expensive
* It has a relatively short expiration date on the bottle
* It needs to be replaced twice a day because it spoils quickly
* It needs to be used with sterilized feeders.

For more information about Nektar-Plus, you can read the package insert in
pdf format at:



Posted by Tom L in West Seattle, WA

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