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Cynthia Boyce Cynthia.Boyce at Seattle.Gov
Mon Dec 22 15:18:39 PST 2008

I've been stuck at home since the snow hit so I've had a lot of time to watch the mixed seed and hummingbird feeders I have on my front porch and the suet and hummingbird feeders I have next to the porch by the hardy fuschia which was still blooming until it snowed. The humming bird feeder on the porch has only frozen once and I even left it out overnight a couple of times. I have also been scattering seed on the porch and on the walkway/snow. There have been 3 Anna's hummingbirds fighting over the feeders and one female or immature male seems to have won and she has been hanging out on the suet feeder or on my porch with occasional flights to neighboring trees and bushes. I have attached a link to some crummy pictures. These were taken over several days through a window that apparently needs cleaning.


I have also seen some interesting activities from some common birds. My neighbors have a large pyrocanthia which still has a lot of berries and about 20-30 Robins have been mobbing it daily. It has about 4" of snow on top and house sparrows were digging holes in it this morning and following each other in and out of the holes. One was even taking a dust bath in the powdery snow. Additional birds I have seen:

Bewick's wren
song sparrow-2
house finch-8
gold crowned sparrow-2
American goldfinch
N. flicker-one time trying to figure out how to get into the hummingbird feeder
black-capped chickadee-3
Stellar's jay

Fly overs:

SNOW GEESE-6-8 flying North over my house last night
unidentified gulls
immature Cooper's Hawk-I think it was a Cooper's

Cynthia Boyce
cynthia dot boyce at seattle dot gov

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