[Tweeters] Fill Snow Geese

Constance Sidles constancesidles at gmail.com
Tue Dec 23 16:45:46 PST 2008

Hey tweets, in the waning light of dusk, my husband was driving me
along the road that leads from the golf driving range. It was too late
and too dark to do any real birding, but a day without the Fill is like
a day without sunshine in my soul, so there we were, slipping along
with two exasperated twenty-somethings in the back seat. They were
tired of shopping and hungry and had zero desire to bird, but my
husband and I were relentless. We stopped at every overlook between the
golf range and the crew house, ignoring the mighty whingeing that
ensued and the gusty sighing. We told the kids to look for big, white,
lumpy-looking birds, in the hope that they would stop griping and help
us find possible swans, geese, and owls. Much to my amazement, as we
were leaving the Fill behind, our daughter said, "I see some white
lumpy-looking birds under that pickup truck." Sure enough, a little
flock of six SNOW GEESE were foraging in the parking lot just north of
the Facilities Yard. They really were under a pickup truck. Not the
most picture-postcard-looking spotting of a bird that I've ever seen,
but if you could manage to block out the truck, the geese were really
beautiful.- Connie, Seattle

constancesidles at gmail.com

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