[Tweeters] Sharpie scored

Robert Cash cash at whidbey.net
Mon Dec 29 17:22:23 PST 2008

I had a winter treat today.

After stopping to check out some White-crowned
Sparrows on Norman Road south of Stanwood, a
Sharp-shinned Hawk swooped in to land on a farm
machine. As a big Suburban drove in to the field access
to turn around, I feared it would scare off the hawk,
and indeed, it did flash away only to pounce next to
the post, then flew to the post top with its prey, a
female Brewer's Blackbird. It stood on it for a long
time before starting to tear out feathers.

photos at www.robcash.net/page/newbird.htm

While watching that drama a small (8-10) flock of Snow
Geese landed in the field behind. Lots of swans about.
There was also a big flock of Dunlin in a field on the
other side of Marine View Drive.

Rob Cash
Camano Island

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