[Tweeters] window-hitting birds

Jim Greaves lbviman at blackfoot.net
Mon Dec 29 12:54:50 PST 2008

Move it as CLOSE to the windows as possible, so IF they hit, they
will not be travelling fast enough to be hurt. Also, placing feeder
on outside window-sill gives the birds ONLY 3 horizontal and the
usual 2 vertical directions to leave the feeder if a predator shows
up, ALL away from the glass, and that way at least feeder placement
will not be a potential cause of demise. -- Jim Greaves, Thompson Falls MT

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>We have a number of birds crashing into our windows, throughout the day and

>throughout the year. We've moved the bird feeder as far away as feasible (we

>have a very shallow yard) and would prefer not to remove it altogether.

>We've tried hanging ribbons, reflective twirly things from Wild Birds

>Unlimited, decals, etc., all without success.


>We are thinking of installing some kind of mesh or screening on the outside

>of our windows. Has anyone done something like this? Did it work? What

>kind of material is suggested? We'd like something that would allow light

>in and our view out. Any ideas?




>Henne Queisser and Ed Freedman

>Redmond, WA

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