[Tweeters] Seattle Terminal 89 Long-tailed Duck

Kathy Andrich chukarbird at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 2 15:52:10 PST 2008

Hi Tweeters,

After an unsuccessful check yesterday for the Long-tailed Duck I tried again today and it was right in with the Surf Scoter, Wigeon+ flock between the grain terminal and the big ship being loaded. The make up of the flock was somewhat different today. Yesterday I could see more scoters, etc further out but I didn't have my scope and couldn't pick out the LT Duck, though it was most likely out there. Today the water was choppier so most of the ducks were in closer.

I google mapped the area and figured out how to get to the little public parking lot by the grain terminal 89 today, it is super handy to the birds. To paraphrase another Washington state birder: I'm not a county lister but I needed Long-tailed Duck for my King County list (LOL...)

I think Mark Vernon should be nominated for some sort of recognition for the Golden Eagle in Auburn, followed up by the Long-tailed Duck in Seattle and all his birding by bus posts. Good job Mark!!

Roosting in Kent, near Lake Meridian
(chukarbird at yahoo dot com)
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