[Tweeters] tulalip bay-dec.3

michael bacon baconmf at verizonmail.com
Wed Dec 3 16:31:42 PST 2008

hi tweets- i got a call re: everett CBC from mary teasdale last nite-i
was reticent due to the low # s of spp. i've seen here this late fall-so
before committing , i thought i'd check out what's there today--i took my
scope over to the marina--(open to public) + was surprised to see some
MARBLED MURRELETS,.,rednecked + common loons,pigeon guillemots b/c i
hadn't seen any for a few months--after walking around the mission point
+ spit , i actually totalled 50 spp.--highlites were 7 male eurasian
wigeons, merlin, goldfinch, RED-BREASTED SAPSUCKER,bald eagles,black
bellied plovers,black turnstones,dunlins-there are lots of bay ducks here
incl.barrows + common goldeneyes,buffleheads --i have also had daily,
since thanksgiving, an anna's hummingbird at my feeder---as well, there
were several phrenetic flocks of pine siskins feeding on budded alder
trees + a large group of robins feeding from some ?chokecherry bushes
just west of the marina-i was pleasantly surprised + will have to commit
to the CBC !. cheers,maxine reid , tulalip bay. mail to:
baconmf at verizonmail.com

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