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Hi, Jeff.

I forgot to mention that we found the turnstones by their
vocalizations. They were at roost on rocks and pilings, but there was
much moving around, both short flights and changing location on foot,
and much jostling of one another. They were keeping up a steady
shrill chatter that we could hear from 100 yards away. It was
probably the largest volume of sound I've heard from such a flock as
well as the largest number I've seen in one spot. I suppose those two
might be correlated! Quite interesting that you had the same
experience at about the same time of year there.


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> Dennis and Tweeters.


> The post about Black Turnstones in Port Townsend reminded me of a

> time I saw similar numbers there, so I looked it up in my Journals.

> On November 23 2000 I was down at the small beach just at the south

> end of the boat basin, near the south end of town. Coming up to the

> beach I was hearing quite a volume of unusual bird sound I did'nt

> recognize.


> The wind and tides had piled deep piles of various sea vegetables

> up on the beach, and it was being worked over by a large group of

> Black Turnstones. As I watched, more and more individuals, and

> small groups of Turnstones zig-zagged in to join the larger group,

> till in all I figured around 150 birds. The most I've seen in one

> spot.


> But the most amazing thing was how much noise they were making ! A

> real racket, as they were feeding. It sounded somewhat like a large

> argument, and the birds were often jostling each other, even though

> there was plenty of beach wrack for them all to sort through. Have

> not seen or heard anything like that before or since.



> Jeff Gibson, Everett Wa

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