[Tweeters] Hand Warmers and Hummers?

Oliver May omayo at soon.com
Mon Dec 15 13:50:06 PST 2008

Do you think that providing handwarmers for hummingbirds is a good idea?

I am not convinced, when you provide food and warmth for hummingbirds during the winter they have less motivation to migrate south in the winter, which is their usual routine.
Plus these individuals will make your feeder a regular stop on their daily feeding routine and eventually be dependent upon these hand warmers and feeders for warmth and sustanence during the winter months, which has never been provided historically. Unless these hummingbirds hang out around hot springs, which I doubt.
Therefore you are giving these birds a source of food and heat that has never been available for them in the past and will probably not be there in the future, unless you are immortal, which I doubt.
So I urge you to not feed hummingbirds in the winter and especially provide artificial heat for them in the cold months, they have done wuite well on their own for thousands of years without your help and will continue to do so without your help, unless you make these individuals dependent on ARTIFICIAL HEAT and FOOD resources during the winter. Unless you don't mind having hummingbird deaths on your conscious, but I cannot afford taht and neither can the birds.
I urge you to let them do what they have done historically, they are good at what they do.

Kid Leucistic

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