[Tweeters] Run on Red-breasted Sapsuckers

Ryan Merrill rmerrill27 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 21 19:47:46 PST 2008

I had four Red-breasted Sapsuckers at once in my backyard today after
only having a few individual sightings in the past fifteen years.
Some were eating ash berries. Nearby at Juanita Bay Park it seemed
that I would see another sapsucker every hundred or so yards that I
would walk. I've never seen them be so abundant before and was
speculating it may be due to the snow that is driving them out of the
foothills... to more snow. None of the sapsuckers I saw today showed
any sign of hybridization.

Two Trumpeter Swans flew into Juanita Bay late in the morning. Most
of the waterfowl were up on the ice and snow which is normally open
water. At least fifteen Varied Thrush were around the parking lot
feasting on berries.

Ryan Merrill
Kirkland, WA

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