[Tweeters] Hepburn's Gray-crowned Rosy Finch at Ocean Shores on Gray's Harbor Christmas Count

Art Wang ArtNancy at harbornet.com
Sun Dec 28 00:02:53 PST 2008

Alex Wang found 2 Gray-crowned Rosy Finches (Hepburn's form) in the sand
dunes at the edge of the beach just north of the Quinault Casino in Ocean
Shores during the Grays Harbor Christmas Count on Saturday, Dec. 27. The
birds were very cooperative and sat still atop low bushes while we watched
them through a scope. They were about 2/3 of the way between the casino and
the nearest house to the north around 1 PM. We flushed them three times and
they flew almost as far north as the first house north of the casino.

We had to leave early, so do not know other results from the count.

Art Wang

Tacoma, WA

ArtNancy at harbornet.com

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