[Tweeters] unshelled sunflower seeds

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Fri Feb 1 13:38:39 PST 2008

So, to clarify, does a seeded rye contain or not contain shelled caraway?


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At 01:18 PM 2/1/2008, you wrote:

>Hi Dennis and everyone,


>In the case of seeds being shelled or unshelled, the word "shell" is

>a verb. Thus, "shelled" sunflower seeds have no shells.


>Do a google image search on "shelled" and another on "unshelled" and

>you will see that the consensus there appears to be that shelled

>seeds have no shells, and unshelled seeds have shells.


>Similarly, "shucked" corn has had the shucks removed. Corn grows in

>the field, "unshucked."

>The same holds true for "husked" versus "unhusked" corn.


>Cored apples have no cores.

>Pealed apples have no peals.

>Pitted cherries and olives have no pits.

>Skinned knees have no skin. Ok, that's enough, already!



>Therefore, shelled sunflower seeds have no shells. :)




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