[Tweeters] Help with ID...O-C Warbler and Snow Goose

Tim O'Brien kertim7179 at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 3 17:15:26 PST 2008

I will post my full report later, but I have added 5 pictures of two birds that I need help with to my PBase site (www.pbase.com/kertim7179 in "My photos"). First, is a very bright yellow warbler that I want to call an Orange-crowned. I managed one quick photo before it flew away. It was taken along 3rd St. in Tokeland today. The brightness of the yellow on the belly has me thinking its not right for an O-C warbler, but the sun was shining on it.

Then, I have 4 photos of a white goose that didn't show clear field marks for a pure Snow Goose. Its head and neck were pure white except for one little dark blotch behind its left eye. Its body had some brownish mottling but was mostly white. Bill and legs were pink. The bill did lack the black gape though. I did note black wing tips as well. This goose was found along with Canada and Cackling Geese along Ocosta Myrtle Street this afternoon.

Feel free to let me know what you think off list. Thanks!

Tim O'Brien
Elma, WA
mailto: kertim7179 at yahoo dot com

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