[Tweeters] odd goose at the Fill last night

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Tue Feb 12 05:33:26 PST 2008

Hey tweets, see the emails below, but to summarize, there wa a very
tiny goose at the Fill last night, a miniature version of Greater
White-fronted. I thought of Lesser White-fronted, so I asked Dennis and
a few others to try to get a look at it today in better light. I didn't
want to agitate the Tweets community for no good purpose, but as you
can see from Dennis's email below, agitation is in order. I don't have
a camera that can take adequate pictures, but perhaps if we can
re-locate it today, someone else will be able to record this bird. -
Connie, Seattle

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> Hello, you all.


> Obviously this goose should be found again and photographed well, at

> the very least. No reason why not to put out the word on tweeters that

> there is an odd small, white-fronted goose-looking thing there that

> needs to be studied but not disturbed. Lesser White-fronts are

> relatively rare, but there are still plenty enough of them to be

> potential vagrants to the American Pacific coast. And of course,

> they're kept in captivity.....


> Greater W-f Geese have white flank stripes, and the amount of white on

> the head is variable in both species. Greaters are also very variable

> in size, although odd ones should be larger, as the larger subspecies

> is the rarer one here.


> Sorry I'm going to be out of town tomorrow, but please e-mail me if

> anyone sees it tomorrow, and I'll try to get over there on Wednesday.


> Dennis


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>>> Dear Michael, just before dark tonight, my husband called me down to

>>> Shoveler Pond at the Fill to try to identify an odd goose paddling

>>> around with the Canadas for the night. I think you should try to go

>>> see it ASAP. It is plumaged like a Greater White-fronted Goose, but

>>> it is much, much smaller. Did I mention it was smaller? It's

>>> actually tiny, scarcely larger than a Mallard. Its neck is shorter

>>> than any GWHG I ever saw. It also has a very prominent white flank

>>> stripe. It was too dark to check out whether it had a yellow

>>> eye-ring, and I never saw its legs. Also, I couldn't get a good look

>>> at its face. It kept swimming away from me. It does have white

>>> around its face, but I couldn't tell if the white went up higher on

>>> the forehead than regular GWFG. I rather thought not, but I can't be

>>> sure. Its bill is small, but not quite as small as I would like for

>>> it to be a (drum roll) Lesser White-fronted Goose. I checked out all

>>> the books I have about geese, and they say it is hard to tell GWFG

>>> and LWFG apart in the field because there is overlap, although if

>>> you spot one that is nominant, it has a noticeably different gizz. A

>>> clearly seen yellow eye-ring is an important field mark, as is a

>>> bright white flank stripe, small pink bill, shorter neck, shorter

>>> legs. I can summarize by saying a LWFG is to a GWFG as a Cackling

>>> Goose is to a Canada, more or less. If this were a Canada-plumaged

>>> bird, I would without hesitation say it was a Cackler. - Connie



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