[Tweeters] Rebirth of Eagle

Clarence C. Lupo Gos at tds.net
Tue Feb 12 16:33:03 PST 2008

Just a little body shop work???
I'm lost on this one.
With normal use, the "beak" and talons stay both sharp and worn down to the
proper level much like a beaver's teeth. No replacement necessary outside
of the digit's normal growth. Over grown beaks in zoos are normally coped
twice a year.

Clarence C. Lupo
Onalaska, WA.

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>I was just sent a powerpoint slide show claiming that Bald Eagles have to

>replace their beaks and talons after 40 years in order to live another 30

>years. Most of this sounds "hokey".

> Would one of you raptor experts tell me the average age of Bald Eagles,

> and if they have any trouble with their beaks become curved over the

> years.


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