[Tweeters] Robins' Memory

Clarence C. Lupo Gos at tds.net
Tue Feb 12 21:12:44 PST 2008

We have Robins returning to the area here in Onalaska. Today we saw a Robin
prove his/her memory. Last year they devoured almost all of our blueberries
before we could get the netting done. In the fall, the netting was
completed with 1" woven wire making it very Robin proof.
Today, one Robin spent the better part of an hour running back and forth,
sticking his head inside the wire trying his/her upmost to get inside the
enclosure. At my age, I can hardly remember what I had for breakfast. This
little bird remembered where he had dissert!
Good Memory.

Clarence C. Lupo
Onalaska, WA.

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