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Lynn & Carol Schulz linusq at worldnet.att.net
Wed Feb 20 19:36:08 PST 2008

Hi Tweeters:
Today there were some different gulls from our usual ones down at Des
Moines Beach Park. At about Noon today the tide was out a ways. Some rocky shore
and a couple of gravel bars were visible at the mouth of Des Moines Creek. Instead
of the usual Glaucous-winged, Gl-w X Western hybrids, and the few Mew Gulls that I
have been seeing this winter, there were about 20 adult Thayer's Gulls, at least 3
Herring Gulls,
and about 30 Mew Gulls along with the usual gulls. A juvenile, very-dark Bald Eagle
stayed perched up in a tall
tree on the bluff. A Cooper's Hawk was being harassed by crows in a tree on the
right side of the park. Most of the usual seabirds and waterfowl remain in the
sound, although not in large numbers.

Re: Des Moines Creek Trail. They have closed the new section of Des Moines Creek
Trail that goes up from the
beach to the waste water treatment plant. This section is the gravel part, and they
have scheduled two closures to repair some slide damage, and to pave that section.
You can still access the upper part of the trail from a parking area on S 200th
across from Tyee Golf Course near SeaTac airport.
This first closure to repair the slide area will last through May. It will open
again in June and remain open until paving work begins, roughly a 2-month project.
Karen Sikes wrote a hiking article in the PI outdoors section on Feb 14 called Des
Moines Creek Park. It has directions to the various trailheads along the
approximately 2 1/4 mile trail. She included some info and websites about the park.
"The cities of Des Moines and SeaTac manage and maintain the Des Moines Creek Trail.
For more info on the trail, pending projects, rules, and regulations or an online
map, visit www.ci.seatac.wa.us or www.desmoineswa.gov, or call 206-870-6527. Dogs
must be leashed; no motorized vehicles are allowed; park closes at dusk. (The leash
part is poorly enforced.)

It was great looking at birds while sitting on a park bench with my scope in the
sunshine. There was no wind for a change. I actually enjoyed looking at gulls.

Yours, Carol Schulz
Des Moines, WA
linusq at att.net

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