[Tweeters] [OT] Beaver in Licton Springs?

ravenintherain ccorax at blarg.net
Thu Feb 21 10:32:43 PST 2008

Josh Hayes wrote:

> I was talking with the head of the neighborhood association here in Licton

> Springs (North Seattle), and she was complaining bitterly about the beaver

> in the park. She says it's gnawing down the young alders and cedars and

> building dams and such, and maybe I can squint at some of the downed trees

> and believe her... but seriously, a beaver in Licton Springs? Where the hell

> would it have come from, and how would it get here?


> The wetlands in the middle of the park have always provided good habitat for

> mallards and usually a few pairs of wood ducks in spring, but beaver

> construction might change the character of the place and attract different

> species. Anyone have any info?


> -Josh Hayes, josh at blarg.net


The large pond at North Seattle Community College a few blocks away is a
headwater for Thornton Creek. Beaver make their way to that pond and
could well find their way to Licton Springs.


Dale Chase
(AKA ravenintherain)
Seattle, Washington
ccorax at blarg.net
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