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Will Markey wmarkey at clearwire.net
Fri Feb 22 20:40:00 PST 2008

Several years ago, I bought Birder's Diary. I DO NOT like it. It is
to learn and not intuitive (at least, to me).

I am the kind that likes to take classes on the programs I need to
know, such as
Excel and Word. I retain a lot that way. That being said, I think it
is a very
complex and useful tool, but I am not the kind to sit and spend the time
deciphering it.

I have ofter thought that if there were classes on this program, I sure would
like to take them. I

Does anyone know of such classes???

Will Markey
Auburn, WA.

Quoting Joel E Haas <haas.joel at mindspring.com>:

> Maxine,


> I have used Avisys from Perceptive Systems


> www.avisys.net


> for about 5 years. I love it. It will do what you suggested you wanted

> in your query. And a lot more, yet is transparent and flexible.

> -- Joel E. Haas, MD

> 1182 Big Leaf Way NE

> Redmond, WA 98053


> Haas.Joel at Mindspring.com

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> Reginald David wrote:

>> Aloha Matt, Maxine and Tweeters,


>> I use Avisys on a Mac and it works great, if you want to make to

>> make lists for pretty much anywhere in the world you may want to

>> consider Santa Barbara Softwares BirdArea, the data files are

>> importable to Avisys and appear to work flawlessly. I use Windows XP

>> on my Mac using an Intel based Mac and Bootcamp - there are newer

>> programs that may be better, but I have never had a problem with

>> Boootcamp. Aloha

>> Reg.


>> Reginald David

>> Rana Productions, Ltd. P. O. Box 1371

>> Kailua, Kona, Hawaii 329-9141 Phone

>> rdavid at ilhawaii.net <mailto:rdavid at ilhawaii.net>

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>> On Feb 22, 2008, at 3:28 PM, mattxyz at earthlink.net

>> <mailto:mattxyz at earthlink.net> wrote:


>>> Hi Maxine & Tweeters -


>>> I'd be interested in hearing some other opinions online,

>>> personally, since I believe this hasn't been discussed in a while.


>>> Here's my experience [usual caveats, no financial interest, etc]


>>> *Mac*:

>>> I've used* Birdbrain* version 5.0 for Mac for years now. It is

>>> good, but I wish there were something else. Birdbrain hasn't been

>>> updated since 1998, and it doesn't yet even run on OSX. I haven't

>>> tried to use their customer support in a long while, but when I did

>>> try a few years ago, I never received a response. Basically, I'd be

>>> happy with Birdbrain if it were being updated. It runs a bit slow

>>> on some of the listing functions, but I bet a revised version could

>>> clean up a lot of that.


>>> There is also a program called* Wings* - has anyone had experience

>>> with this? From what I can see on the web, it looks decent. One

>>> thing that doesn't sound great is that it looks like you have to

>>> 'subscribe' to it, paying an annual fee -- and if you don't pay,

>>> you can't enter more species. That sounds dangerous to me, and I'd

>>> rather buy software free & clear than remain on the hook over the

>>> foreseeable future.


>>> *PC*:

>>> The only PC listing software I have experience with is* Avisys*,

>>> and I've found it to be really excellent. It is regularly upgraded,

>>> the support responses come quickly, and it seems clearly made with

>>> a birder's record-keeping needs in mind. You can easily keep state

>>> & county & other checklists, and running reports on these lists

>>> [life, year, species not seen, etc] is easy and fast. There's a lot

>>> of flexibility and power inside the program, but it is set up so

>>> that it can be used pretty easily at any level, without having to

>>> spend a long time becoming a computer programmer to understand it.

>>> I'm sure there are other downsides, but the biggest one in my mind

>>> is the reliance on a checklist in Clements taxonomic order, an

>>> ordering of species that can take some getting used to if you are

>>> more comfortable with the ABA [US fieldguide] ordering of species.

>>> I imagine it is pretty hard to work around this problem though, if

>>> one wants to present the whole world checklist of birds.


>>> Hope this helps a bit,


>>> Matt Bartels

>>> Seattle, WA






>>>> I know that there has been past discussions on Tweeters about the

>>>> best birding software to easily organize lists etc. I am ready to

>>>> buy a program now and would like to find out what I should get. I

>>>> would like something simple that would allow me to make a life

>>>> list and sub-lists via state or country. I don't think I need lots

>>>> of bells and whistles.


>>>> Please reply to me via email if you don't want to launch a new

>>>> full Tweeters discussion.


>>>> Thanks


>>>> Maxine, Seattle



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Will Markey

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