[Tweeters] Birding software redux

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Hi Maxine-

I will throw a third in the mix. I have been an ardent proponent of
Birder's Diary for years. It does everything I need and more. I would be
happy to answer any questions you have about it (I have no affiliation with
this company).

Mike Wile
mikewile at comcast.net
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> Thanks to all tweeters who emailed me privately as well as in the general

> discussion.


> The commercial software almost everyone favored is Avisys. Heard nothing

> negative about that, and since I use PCs, seems like an excellent way to

> go.


> The second favorite was the free online software through Cornell - Ebird.

> Since I am a Cornell graduate, that appeals to me also.


> I am going to check out both options.


> Once again, thanks all for your input.


> Maxine, Seattle


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