[Tweeters] Owls in Olympia parks, Feb 23 and 25

heather tschaekofske heathertxx at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 25 15:04:22 PST 2008


For those local to the Olympia area, I've had some nice chance owl encounters the last couple days walking at city parks. On Saturday, I heard a northern saw whet owl calling in the northernmost portion of Priest Point Park, at around noon. Today while walking at Watershed park, 2 Barred owls were calling back and forth in the eastern section of the park, at about 1:00. I don't usually hear these guys, it's more often that I'm alerted by screaming jays and chickadees!

Heather Tschaekofske
Olympia, WA
heathertxx at hotmail.com
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