[Tweeters] Townsend's Warbler spotted in Kenmore. Early?

ravenintherain ccorax at blarg.net
Wed Feb 27 23:39:46 PST 2008

Christy Jobe wrote:

> Hi Tweets,


> a spontaneous "OH!" when it flew and I saw a bright yellow flash! We

> continued to watch the general area, and were treated to some

> wonderful views of what we later identified as a female TOWNSEND'S



> We found ourselves surprised to see a warbler, and in such full color,

> and maybe especially this one whose range in our books isn't

> necessarily favorable to a visitation here, this early in the year. Is

> this unusual?



I don't know if it is unusual or not, but a male Townsend's warbler has
been coming to my feeders for the last 2-3 months and others have been
reported in the Seattle area on Tweeters over the fall/winter. That
yellow is sure a treat in the winter-time.


Dale Chase
(AKA ravenintherain)
Seattle, Washington
ccorax at blarg.net

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