[Tweeters] Vancouver, BC RBA for February 23, 2008

Wayne Weber contopus at telus.net
Thu Feb 28 20:32:16 PST 2008

This is the Vancouver Natural History Society's Rare Bird Alert for
Saturday, February 23rd, sponsored in part by Wild Birds Unlimited,
with stores in Vancouver and North Vancouver. This message was updated
at 8 PM on February 23rd. The RBA telephone number is (604) 737-3074.

Out of town RARE BIRD ALERT for an adult RED-SHOULDERED HAWK at the
west end of Valley Road, just E of La Conner, WA (SW of Mount Vernon).
This bird has been seen regularly there since February 9. This species
has never been seen in BC, but the bird is only about an hour's drive
south from the Blaine border crossing.

Sightings for Saturday, February 23rd:

A drake EURASIAN GREEN-WINGED TEAL continues at Boundary Bay Regional
Park east of the foot of 12th Avenue in Delta. It has been seen daily
since the 19th.

The Reifel Bird Sanctuary produced 3 AMERICAN BITTERNS, and the first
spring reports of 3 BARN SWALLOWS and 1 TREE SWALLOW. The CLARK'S GREBE
was nearby in Canoe Pass near the Westham Island bridge.

3 SURFBIRDS were near Berth 1 at the Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal in Delta,
and the WILLET was at the base of the ferry jetty.

The gray phase GYRFALCON was on the microwave tower behind the
mansion west of the foot of 96th Street in Delta.

4 AMERICAN TREE SPARROWS were near the foot of 72nd Street in Delta.

The HARRIS' SPARROW continues on 188th St near 8th Avenue in south

The immature NORTHERN GOSHAWK continues at Jericho Park in
Vancouver, where it has been since mid-January.

Sightings for Friday, February 22nd:

A NORTHERN GOSHAWK was seen at 33rd Ave and Heather Street
in Vancouver.

Sightings for Thursday, February 21st:

The TUFTED DUCK X SCAUP was near the stone bridge at
Lost Lagoon in Vancouver's Stanley Park.

A HUTTON'S VIREO was at Jericho Park in Vancouver.

No sightings reported for Wednesday, February 20th

Sightings for Tuesday, February 19th:

A VIOLET-GREEN SWALLOW, the first of the spring, was reported from
the bend on Rannie Road about 2 km S of the boat launch at Pitt Lake

A drake EURASIAN GREEN-WINGED TEAL was seen at Boundary Bay Regional
Park east of the foot of 12th Avenue in Delta.

Sightings for Monday, February 18th:

A TOWNSEND'S SOLITAIRE was in a stand of hollies and pine on the
east side of the University of BC Hospital, Vancouver.

An ORANGE-CROWNED WARBLER was east of the foot of 64th St along the
Boundary Bay dike in Delta.

An imm. male TUFTED DUCK X SCAUP hybrid was observed in Lost Lagoon
in Vancouver's Stanley Park. Although this bird looks more like a
TUFTED DUCK than a scaup, barring on the back indicates a hybrid origin.

Sightings for Sunday, February 17th

The CLARK'S GREBE was again at the Westham Island Bridge; the
WILLET and a SNOW BUNTING were on the south side of the Tsawwassen
ferry Jetty in Delta.

Sightings for Saturday, February 16th:

The NORTHERN GOSHAWK continues around the pond at Jericho Park
in Vancouver and is being reported daily.

An imm. GLAUCOUS GULL was in a gull flock on 36th Ave between 72nd St
and 64th St and the gray phase GYRFALCON was on the tower near the
Mansion west of 96th St, Delta. Also, the PRAIRIE FALCON was seen
along 36th Avenue west of 72nd Street in Delta.

At Lighthouse Marine Park, Point Roberts, Washington, a BRANDT'S
MURRES were observed.

No reports for Friday, February 15th

Sightings for Thursday, February 14th

Four BLACK-CROWNED NIGHT-HERONS were seen at the Reifel Bird
Sanctuary in Delta, and 2 MUTE SWANS were at the nearby
Westham Island bridge.

The NORTHERN GOSHAWK was seen again in Jericho Park, Vancouver

Sightings for Wednesday, February 13th:

An EARED GREBE was seen from the White Rock pier in White Rock. A
HUTTON'S VIREO was at Crescent Park in Surrey.

No reports for Tuesday, February 12th

Sightings for Monday, February 11th:

12 BOHEMIAN WAXWINGS were seen along 72nd St between Hwy 10 and the
"cow tunnel" under Hwy 99 in Delta.

Sightings for Sunday, February 10th:

The PRAIRIE FALCON was again seen along 72nd St in Delta

If you have any questions about birds or birding in the Vancouver
area, please call Wayne at 604-597-7201, Viveka at 604-531-3401,
or Larry at 604-465-1402.

Thank you for calling the Vancouver Rare Bird Alert, and good

This message was recorded and transcribed by Mark Wynja, and forwarded
by Wayne Weber.

Wayne C. Weber
Delta, BC
contopus at telus.net

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