[Tweeters] Re: Flickers

Craig Kerns cekerns at eskimo.com
Sun Jan 6 19:34:58 PST 2008

A few years back we had an interesting Red/Yellow Shafted intergrade.
He had a faint red moustache, faint red V on the nape of his neck with
underneath tail feathers yellow, and wing feathers orange. I got one
fairly good picture that's in the flicker gallery on my web page.

This winter we're have an abundance of flickers in the yard. At least
five different males. One with typical yellow-shafted coloring, one
with typical red-shafted coloring, two with red moustaches and faint
red V's on the nape of their necks, and one with a bold red moustache
and bold red V on the nape of his neck. The last one seems to be the
king of local flickers. He's big and strong and intimidating. I've
taken a couple of good pictures of him, too.

There are various female Northern flickers that visit with also with
red and yellow shafted markings and a mix of both.

Craig Kerns
Lake Forest Park, WA
Pictures at http://www.eskimo.com/~cekerns/birds

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