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Once their single chick hatches, both parents take off early in the
morning and usually do not return until the sun goes down. They fill
their throats with insects and will go as far as they need to find
them. At 50 mph that works out to at least a 300 mile range. So a
Central Cascades adult Black Swift could fly anywhere in the state and
still get back before dark.

But if you see them late in the day, they are headed for home, or know
they can make it before dark.

Larry Schwitters
On Jul 3, 2008, at 6:03 PM, Scott Downes wrote:

> Tweets,

> Can't comment directly on Jim's sighting as to the close nesting areas

> near Battle Ground, however the following may be helpful. I have on

> the rare occassion seen Black Swifts far away from suppossed nesting

> habitat; I have seen them at least 3 times over the Quilomene in

> eastern Kittitas Co. near Vantage, have seen a bird southeast of

> bickleton in eastern Klickitat Co and  I have seen the near the

> Yakima/Klickitat Co line on US 97 in the lowlands away from the

> Simcoes. I also know they are seen at Marymoor in the Lake Washington

> area with some pattern of occurence. None of these areas are within

> areas probably that close to breeding areas, the Vantage location is

> at least 50 miles from any location, the Bickleton at least 30 plus

> and probably similar distance for the others. I dont know if these are

> non-breeders or long-distance breeders foraging away from nests, but

> know there is a pattern of Black Swifts away from breeding habitat.

> I'll have to differ to experts on Black Swifts on the exact details of

> their life history, but know that far ranging birds aren't unheard of.


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