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Thu Jul 3 21:49:19 PDT 2008

I did some close to home birding in Skamania County today to try
and fill some of the easy gaps in my county year list. While I didn't
find anything unusual I did have a couple of interesting finds. At
Skamania Landing there had been an active PURPLE MARTIN colony using
boxes put up on the boat dock pilings by Dave Fouts. Unfortunately they
replaced the wood pilings with metal ones and did not replace the boxes
but there are still several pair of martins using holes in broken off
pilings in the Columbia River. I talked to some homeowners and they said
that they will put up a rack of gourds for the martins next year. While I
was there the martins were actively plucking green leaves off of a willow
tree indicating nesting activity.
While we were talking a kettle of 17 TURKEY VULTURES lifted up
from a group of cottonwood trees along the Columbia River in Beacon Rock
State Park.
And when I checked the pond south of the juvenile fish bypass
facility on Hamilton Island, just below Bonneville Dam, there was a pair
of AMERICAN KESTRELS feeding young birds in a Wood Duck nest box on a
pole in the middle of the pond.

Wilson Cady
Washougal, WA
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