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I didn't get any responses to my message below so I guess, as I suspected, the target shorebirds aren't known to be around. In that case, I had three quick follow-up questions: (1) is there any particular advice as to exact places in the Hurricane Ridge to look for sooty grouse? I gather I look for clumps of vegetation in meadows, but if there are particular meadows I should try, or something else, that would be great to know; (2) to maximize grouse chances on a weekend day, do I need to aim to get there very early in the morning? Or if I get away from crowds are my odds as good any time of day? (My lifer Blue (now Dusky) was in the middle of the day right off a crowded trail). (3) Are there any coastal areas with roughly comparable beauty to Ruby Beach closer to Westport? I'm trying to decide what to do with my day where I wake up in Seattle and end in Westport.


Arlington, VA

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Sorry to be yet a third eastern birder this week seeking info. My target bird list is fairly different from Tom's so I wanted to post separately. I have the Opperman book and know I won't find many if any of these birds, but if anyone has any leads on them I would be much appreciative. I have a couple days after a work trip in Seattle Aug 1-3. I'm signed up for the Westport pelagic Aug 2 and am trying to figure out best use of my time for the day before, which can start predawn out of Seattle, and the day after (which ends with me needing to be at the Seattle airport by around 930pm). Potential lifers are listed below.

Given my slim chances of land-based lifers, I may well prioritize top recommended day-hiking areas or other scenic spots over birding, so any recommendations in that department are also much appreciated, or even better yet spots that are great on both counts. I have only been to Olympic Park and the western side of Olympic Pen. one time, and that was for not much more than a day 15 years ago (Ruby Beach, Hoh Rain Forest and a too-quick visit to Hurricane Ridge).

First, here are the shorebirds. I'm too early in the season, have too little time, and worse, probably won't be able to pack a scope because I am not checking luggage (unless I hear that several of these birds are around, in which case I'll find a way to bring one). If there are good leads in the Westport-Ocean Shores area for which scopes are needed perhaps I'll find someone going on the pelagic who will want to go look with me.

Pacific Golden Plover
Hudsonian Godwit
Bar-tailed Godwit
Sharp-tailed Sandpiper
Curlew Sandpiper
Buff-breasted Sandpiper
Black-headed Gull

On land, my only possible lifers are Sooty Grouse (I have seen Blue before the split), Spotted Owl and Northern Goshawk. I may try Hurricane Ridge for the grouse and stay for the hiking. I'd also be happy to pick up Hermit Warbler, Vaux's Swift, Varied Thrush, Pygmy Owl, and White-fronted Goose, which I have seen but only once.

Thanks for any advice! Please reply off-list to pbhudson at gmail.com. I will see email at that address (not this one) on my cell phone even once I am in Washington.

Paul Hudson
Arlington, VA

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